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   My Internet adventure began in January 1999 when I registered as an online destination for my business.

   I had registered in October 1998 to service my passion for the monitoring of financial market instruments but this was not a commercial proposition.

   I quickly became excited at the opportunity presented by the global 'uniqueness' of the domain naming system and it was not long before I had collected a small portfolio of Domain Names.

   Every item of published information on the Internet will be identified by its URL, a significant part of which is the domain name*...

   In April 2006, my business affiliated with Wild West Domains, Inc. Naming Creatively(tm) provides for the registration of domain names, Website hosting and the delivery of online security.

   This was also the month when the European Registry began accepting open domain name registrations, following the period set aside to give priority to trademark holders.

   Soon after the first few domain names were registered in 1985, a means of securing data transmission was devised. One aspect of this is known as 'SSL' or Secure Socket Layer. This website is secured with an SSL Certificate provided free of charge by Let's Encrypt.

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   If this is your first visit to, you may experience a warning message. Some web browsers may report an error while others will not. This is because of the way in which the intermediate server certificate is verified by different web browsers. A 'certificate not trusted' error message can be tested by using the SSL Checker at

   My business aim is to help fellow Internet Enthusiasts achieve a real and lasting benefit from the investment of their time in online business activities. I will achieve MY objective by building the largest, most responsive network which it is possible to imagine through LOVE, MUTUAL TRUST and UNDERSTANDING.

   Our futures begin with a single step. Personal development results from the leaders and followers with whom one chooses to associate. I have discovered a group of people whom I have found to be particularly supportive.

   My principal business activity is as an Information Specialist, creating strategies which will help people to become successful in all aspects of their business & personal lives, especially when working a home-based business.

   Imagine building business relationships with people who you know, like and trust...!!

   Please take some time to get to know me better!

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Contact Tel: +44 (0)1794-341405 Contact on Skype: rchrdprsns

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